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Participant Satisfaction Survey – December 2020

The Civil Resolution Tribunal anonymously surveys people who have gone through the tribunal process. We use this feedback to improve the way we serve the public. We report the cumulative results every month on this blog.

Likely due to the holidays, we had only 35 responses to our satisfaction survey in December 2020. But we’re pleased to report that participant satisfaction remains strong.


Selected comments on what participants liked about their experience with the CRT:

  • I was treated in a very respectful manner. The facilitator was informative, compassionate and had excellent professional boundaries.
  • An inexpensive way for a resolve without the costly and time consuming lawyer/court option. Very professional and lots of case studies for one to read and to help prepare one’s case.
  • The process has been much improved since it was launched. Today’s process is much more intuitive and easy to complete. I appreciate the work put in to this system to make it more understandable and easier to access.


Selected comments on what the CRT could have done to improve their experience:

  • Maybe given me a thorough rundown on the process. I didn’t really know what to expect next. And, having said that, a first time applicant has alot of things on their mind regarding the dispute. I had to ask questions but they always got back to me.
  • Better portal access.
  • Website doesn’t work very well on my iPhone.