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2018: Online Tribunal Decision Plan

As Canada’s first online tribunal, the Civil Resolution Tribunal has been resolving disputes online since 2016. As part of the CRT’s commitment to continuous improvement, parties to CRT disputes can now complete the Tribunal Decision Plan (TDP) online as well.

TDP preparation is the last step in the CRT’s dispute resolution process when parties are not able to reach an agreement. The evidence and arguments in the TDP are reviewed by a CRT member, who issues a final decision in the dispute.

Participants can now easily upload evidence and prepare, review and submit their arguments, through the CRT’s secure portal, using their user name and password.

The online TDP is simpler and faster than the previous TDP process, which required the parties to send their evidence and written arguments by email. The new tool will ensure that evidence is properly named and formatted. The screen shot below is a party’s view of the evidence submitted to the CRT. The tabs at the top provide easy access to other dispute information and activities available through the portal.

Parties will also be able to easily enter and review their submissions. The screen shot below shows a party’s view of the Arguments. This includes the applicant’s submission, followed by the respondents’ responses to that submission.

The online TDP adds to the CRT’s existing online portal services, including applications for dispute resolution, requests for substitutional service orders, withdrawals, dispute responses, requests for time extensions and party-to-party negotiations.