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Implementation Update: Enhanced Accident Benefits Disputes – November 2020

Starting May 1, 2021, most disputes about injuries from motor vehicle accidents will come to the CRT. This coincides with the launch of BC’s new “care-based” model of accident compensation. Under ICBC’s new Enhanced Care coverage launching on May 1, 2021, people will be compensated for their injuries according to amounts and categories set by regulation and policy. In most cases, a person won’t be able to sue the person responsible for the accident for damages.

We’re working hard to prepare for this expanded area of CRT jurisdiction. We’ll be reporting on our progress in a series of blog posts, which highlight aspects of our team’s hard work behind the scenes.


Solution Explorer

The Solution Explorer is the first step in the CRT dispute process. It asks you a series of questions to help classify your dispute. It gives you free legal information, self-help tools, and options for what you can do about your dispute. If you can’t resolve your dispute on your own, and it might be within the CRT’s jurisdiction, then the Solution Explorer takes you directly to the CRT application form.

Our Solution Explorer team is hard at work developing the content for expanded motor vehicle personal injury disputes, with the help of volunteer personal injury lawyers and policy experts.

If you are a community advocate, lawyer, or other person who assists parties with motor vehicle personal injury disputes, we’d love your help developing content for the Solution Explorer. In the spring of 2021 we’ll do a “beta test”, which is an opportunity for the public to test the content before launch and give us feedback.


Technology Update

We started building the CRT’s online systems way back in 2014. We’ve always built our technology in stages, which lets us carefully test new features with staff and the public before launch.

We’re continuing this strategy with our system enhancements for handling motor vehicle personal injury disputes.

Over the next several months, our technology teams are focusing on building a new CRT online application form. This form will have accessibility and user experience improvements, and ensure claims and the requested remedies are categorized correctly within our expanded area of jurisdiction. We’re also working on accessibility improvements and a new “look and feel” for your CRT Account. This will improve page loading times, make it easier to upload evidence, and streamline the layout so it’s easier to use and find what you need.


CRT Rules Update

We’re also working on new CRT rules that will apply to this new jurisdiction. The draft rules will be available for public feedback early next year, before being finalized by May 1, 2021.

If you have any questions or comments about our implementation work, please contact us.