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2017: New CRT Online Tools

As part of our commitment to co-design the CRT with the public, we are developing and implementing CRT technology in stages. This lets us test features first with participants who might have barriers to accessing justice, and then with the public generally. We make a lot of changes based on this feedback.

We’re excited to let you know that after doing some recent testing, we’ve launched a number of new online features, which will make it easier and faster for participants to take steps in the CRT process. We continue to offer mail and telephone-based services for people who are unable to use the internet.

The CRT has always had online applications, but now CRT applicants can take other steps directly through the CRT platform, instead of emailing forms.

Applicants can now do all of these things from their smartphone or computer:

• Submit a Proof of Notice
• Ask for an extension of time to provide notice
• Request directions on providing notice
• Remove a respondent from a dispute
• Withdraw their entire dispute

Respondents to a CRT dispute can now do all of these things from their smartphone or computer:

• Submit a Dispute Response
• Request an extension of time to file a Dispute Response
• Add a claim against an applicant (also known as a counterclaim)
• Add a claim against another party (also known as a third party claim)

As with everything we do in the CRT, we will regularly review how these features are working and what we can do to improve them over time. Thank you very much to the community organizations and members of the public who helped us test these features. We are so grateful for your help!