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Enhanced Accident Benefits Disputes – Regulations

Starting May 1, 2021, most disputes about injuries from motor vehicle accidents will come to the CRT. This coincides with the launch of BC’s new “care-based” model of accident compensation.

Under ICBC’s new Enhanced Care coverage launching on May 1, 2021, people will be compensated for their injuries according to amounts and categories set by regulation and policy. In most cases, a person won’t be able to sue the person responsible for the accident for damages.

The CRT is creating new Solution Explorer content which will include plain language information about these regulations and your entitlement to accident benefits.



On March 5, 2021 the regulations for enhanced care benefits were approved by Cabinet. These regulations set out the details of enhanced accident benefits, including the types of benefits that will be available, the way that benefit amounts are calculated, and the maximum amount for each benefit.

There are three regulations:

1. Enhanced Accident Benefits Regulation

This regulation includes health care, rehabilitation and related benefits, caregiver benefits, death benefits, and more. It also includes general provisions about entitlement to benefits, and procedural requirements for making a claim with ICBC for benefits.

2. Income Replacement and Retirement Benefits and Benefits for Students and Minors Regulation

This regulation sets out the benefits for people who miss work or school due to their injuries from a vehicle accident.

3. Permanent Impairment Regulation

This regulation sets out the entitlements to compensation for people who are permanently impaired as a result of a vehicle accident.


We’ll be providing a more detailed update on our implementation work for enhanced accident benefits disputes later this month.

If you have any questions or comments about our implementation work, please contact us.