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BC Government Proposes Amendments to the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act

On March 2, 2022, amendments to the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act (CRTA) were introduced in the legislature. These amendments are in Bill 9 – Attorney General Statutes Amendment Act, 2022.

The CRT is an independent administrative tribunal, created under the CRTA. The Legislature is responsible for enacting and amending the CRTA. CRT tribunal members apply the law and evidence when making decisions about CRT claims.

If the amendments are passed, they will change the CRTA in two main ways:

  1. Eliminate the Notice of Objection process for small claims disputes. The Notice of Objection process will continue to be available for disputes with final decisions given before July 1, 2022. For decisions after July 1, 2022, parties who disagree with a CRT final decision can ask the BC Supreme Court for judicial review. This is the same as all other areas of CRT jurisdiction.
  2. Provide the CRT with jurisdiction to decide claims about ICBC’s determination of whether a person was responsible for a motor vehicle accident.

We will update this blog post as the bill progresses through the legislative process.