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Addressing Language Barriers with Multilingual Videos

Inclusivity and accessibility are core values at the CRT. We work hard to ensure the CRT is accessible to everyone in British Columbia regardless of their primary language, level of education, or location. The mandate of the CRT is to provide dispute resolution services in a manner that is accessible, speedy, economical, informal, and flexible, and applies principles of law and fairness.

Multilingual Videos

The CRT’s YouTube channel features short videos that explain what types of claims the CRT can accept and steps in the CRT process including: using the CRT’s Solution Explorer, making a CRT claim, working with a case manager, submitting evidence and arguments, and enforcing a CRT decision.

Twelve of these videos are now available in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Punjabi. We encourage community legal advocates around the province to share these resources with people who experience language barriers to accessing the justice system.

Video playlists:

國語 中文 Mandarin

廣東話 Cantonese

ਪੰਜਾਬੀ Punjabi

Other Supports

The CRT’s website can be viewed in 13 languages by using the Google Translate tool at the top of every web page.

CRT services and the process are done in English, but we offer access to free telephone interpretation services in over 200 languages including many Indigenous languages.

Participants may have a trusted friend or family member support them through the CRT process. Helpers can do things like translate to English, give emotional support, organize documents, and help use a computer and write emails.

Participants may request permission to have a representative who officially speaks for them during the CRT process. A representative can also submit the participant’s evidence and arguments and can make agreements for them. A representative is usually a lawyer, family member, or friend.

Questions about supports offered by the CRT?

See our FAQs, watch videos on the CRT’s YouTube channel, or contact us.