Here are a few upcoming presentations about the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT).

If you would like a representative of the CRT to speak to your organization,
please contact us.

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May 11, 2017: Alberta Dispute Resolution Office Presentation

May 16, 2017: CBABC ADR Subsection Meeting, Vancouver, BC

May 16, 2017:  Real Estate Council of BC, Vancouver, BC

May 23, 2017: Law Society of BC – Professional Legal Training Course, Vancouver, BC

May 24, 2017: CBABC Insurance Law Subsection Meeting, Vancouver, BC

May 28, 2017: Canadian Council of Administrative Tribunals Symposium, Vancouver, BC

June 2, 2017: NAFTA 2022 – Online Dispute Resolution Conference (remote)

June 8, 2017: PWC Webcast Presentation, Victoria, BC

June 9, 2017: BC Insurance Seminar, Vancouver, BC

June 13, 2017: BCAMI Symposium, Vancouver, BC

June 13, 2017: Vancouver Association of Law Libraries (VALL), Vancouver, BC

June 14, 2017: Credit Institute of Canada Conference, Vancouver, BC

June 14, 2017: Vancouver LegalHackers Meetup, Vancouver, BC

June 19, 2017: BC Courthouse Libraries Free Public Webinar, Everywhere

June 20, 2017: New South Wales Law Foundation Symposium (remote)

June 22, 2017:  Continuing Legal Education Society of BC – Strata Property Update 2017, Vancouver, BC