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Want to make a CRT claim?
Did someone make a CRT claim against you?
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Resolve your dispute online, 24/7.
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Fair, neutral, and timely decisions.
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Free and anonymous legal information.
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The CRT gratefully and respectfully acknowledges that our work spans across the ancestral territories of over 200 First Nations, as well as 39 Chartered Communities of the Métis Nation of BC.
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Accessible and affordable.
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The CRT is Canada’s first online tribunal. We’re part of the British Columbia public justice system. We offer an accessible, affordable way to resolve disputes without needing a lawyer or attending court.

We encourage a collaborative approach to resolving disputes.

If you can’t resolve your dispute, a tribunal member can make a decision about it. Members are independent legal experts. Their decisions can be enforced like court orders.

Neutral, fair, and convenient.

Choose a claim type to learn more:

Motor vehicle accidents

Entitlement to benefits, and fault, damages and/or a minor injury determination if you were in a vehicle accident.

Small claims

Claims up to $5,000 about things you bought or sold, loans, personal property, contracts, roommates, pets, and more.

Strata property

Strata bylaws, councils, governance, maintenance and damage, nuisance, and more.

Societies and cooperatives

BC societies, and housing and community service cooperative associations.

Watch How the CRT Works

See how Ming uses the CRT’s Solution Explorer for free legal information and makes a claim against Dharma. Follow their story through the response, negotiation, facilitation, and CRT decision processes.